Show Synthesize is a Sydney based non-for-profit collective that produces projects which help independent creative practitioners to create, exhibit and perform new work. We aim to showcase Sydneys unconstrained creative spheres by bringing forward the often unseen, subterranean projects being created in DIY studios, bedrooms, basements, garages and lounge rooms of Sydney and wider Australia. With a great focus on social events and collaboration, we believe that providing a space for independent creative practitioners to converse, collaborate and experiment is mandatory for the creation of new innovative art.

We believe that within the worlds of Sydney's Music and Visual Art Scenes there are structures that are in need of reframing. We use the term ‘practitioner’ because we believe that art making extends further than the role of the artist. We aim to dismantle the traditional notion of the ‘artist as genius’ because we believe that the recognition for artmaking should be extended to anyone who is involved in the process of creation and exhibition. Examples of these are curators, viewers, technicians, educators, documentors, coders. We believe being an artist exists much further than white gallery walls and tertiary institutions. We activate diverse spaces and create inclusive connections between diverse practitioners of all kinds.

“Collaboration is not about the warmth of being together or the benefits of being recognised. Rather it is about joining intellectual and creative energies in such a way that are not [...] the author of our works so much as agents in a practice that produced it.” - Gyles Brandreth. Gilbert and George and Gyles, The Telegraph 28th May, 2002

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