Welcome To Nadgi Nadgi

On the 7th of September, 2019, a dedicated team of friends battled the elements to host a unique event on Ngunnawal Land in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Situated on the property of a dear friend, Show Synthesize brought together independent artists across multiple disciplines to share their work, engaging in new dialogue with one another on the land.

The inception of this event was in part a farewell and a celebration of beautiful friendships, artistic endeavours and collaborations. The time of year was also significant for the Nadgi Farm region as September marks the beginning of the Bogong Moth migration. In early spring, these eerily large creatures emerge from their pupae and embark on a lengthy nocturnal trek to the Southern Australian Alps. Nadgi Farm lies directly on this migratory path and as such, has been a site of journeying for tens of thousands of years as different groups of First Nations Peoples have travelled together in pursuit of the moths. This history was honoured through various art pieces and in the very act of pausing together to delight in each other’s company.

Nadgi Farm is home to an expansive ten acre moonlit paddock, framed by little wildernesses and the gently winding Nadgigomar creekbed. This paddock was offered up as a space to jive away the evening with an eclectic lineup of dark & experimental electronica, jazztronica, alt rock and folk paired with professional audio/visual rigging and staging. A beautifully lit path through the creekbed linked the event site with amenities and a peaceful space to set up camp and rest weary feet.

Lineup  (Alphabetical order)
Ashley Iona
Baby Jack
Grace Barr
Harry Seeley

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