Show Synthesize is an emerging artist collective, which fosters creative and transdisciplinary projects. The aim of the collective is to create a network for artists of different disciplines and backgrounds to share creative ideas and create experimental work. It is open for all mediums and artistic form, regardless of background or education, and can vary from performance to drawing, music, film or architecture. Show Synthesize aims to create a network for emerging artists to branch out of their discipline and take part in an experimental development.

This exhibition presents artists of intrinsically different concepts and mediums. Yet the supposition of individual practices allows for uncovering themes and ideas that exist within the works. And whilst the works by no means are similar, only through embracing individual qualities, one is able to evaluate their connections. Presented in this exhibition are works of a wide range of mediums, such as video, drawing, sculpture, textile, performance and sound, each with an individual concept. However, all have common themes of geography, environment, movement, time and street as both a physical location and a cultural term.

Gillian Kayrooz’ GILL WAS HERE is an installation work created during Kayrooz’s residency at the Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts in Chengdu, China. Amidst the surrounding graffiti found on the academy’s rooftops, is a common sight of distinctive vertical red banners, filled with giant lettering able to be read from afar. Defining a middle ground between the two, the work uses Chinese characters to pronounce cheeky slang expressions phonetically in English that would most commonly be found in graffiti. Creating a secret space for those able to de-code the suspended phrases.

Her second work Y3LLOW SUN BAY RUN takes the form of the Gemini Twins, depicted through four Western Suburbs youths, inspired by the artist’s origins. An experimental video work in collaboration with the artist’s friends, that play with the heightened coming and goings of emotion, thought and action, felt in particular during our youth, through recognizable slang and motifs. This video work holds frustrations and hurdles that aren’t dissimilar to that of a marathon, however they are more alike to those of a bay run, where lots of people are taking up the whole path and walking really slow in front of you.

Inspired by Moscow’s linear architecture and street design, tapestry Black Cat Flew Over Patriarch Pond by Mariia Zhuchenko represents the act discovering a new place and reconnecting with memories that are lost or forgotten. Through the experience of returning to her hometown and revisiting familiar cites, the artist is re-discovering her memory and establishing relationship to the city. The work is also a reference to a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, the main act of which takes place in Patriarch Pond in Moscow. Similarly to the plot in the novel, the stitching in the artwork takes irrational directions and seems to be manipulating the fabric, making it bent and crease. Similarly to works by Kayrooz, the tapestry references a particular place and the experience of existing in the unfamiliar environment and uncovering the cultural differences.

Tom Malek presents a number of works that all discuss the body in space and the relationship to the environment: Series of drawings Space Intervention 1 - 12, Tapestry 2, a large textile work of found plastic bags, and Untitled Wall Drawing, which is a site-specific work created for Down / Under Space. They all discuss the body in space, and how the movement and experience are depicted in the universe. Malek is representing experience at the present moment, particularly within the site-specific drawing that is created spontaneously and improvisationally, comparable to the work by Zhuchenko.

Harry Klein comprises the tools and instruments of his practice to create science fiction inspired sculptures. His works Six-20 Brownie C and Argus Seventy-Five are composed of found childhood objects. The technique turns inanimate object into lively beings, with faces, personality and emotions. The reuse of past instruments for sculptural aesthetic, invites his audience to conceptually contemplate the ontology of inanimate beings and their relationship to humanity.

Georgia Frew and Alex Job come together to create an improvisational call and responsive performance piece Symbiosis. Through the Clarinet, Jobs voice expels into the ears of Frew which then transmits into a large body drawing. Together they play and respond to the actions of each other and others within the room. This sculptural, installation and performance work embodies emotion through movement, sound and the creation of, and interaction with objects. Their performance practice centres around the idea of unfettered expression and reaction to stimulus, catharsis, instinct based movements and sound and animality in humans.

Contemporary-ary-ary is a performative expression of the impossibility of comprehending what the contemporary is by Matthew Gorgula and Rosie Thomas. It understands temporality from both an existential and anthropomorphic position, employing and re-interpreting combinatorial ontology.In order to understand what the contemporary is, they present a series of ‘blips’ through choreographic play, exploring movement and a series of vocal utterances. As a continuation of the emergent conversation between Tino Sehgal’s ‘This objective of that object’ (2004) and Alexandra Pirici’s ‘Co-natural’ (2018); Matthew Gorgula and Rosie Thomas create an enquiry into a post-situational context, looking at what it means to be ‘new’ and ‘before’, as two examples of logically existent properties occurring at the same time.


Mariia Zhuchenko

Black Cat Flew Over Patriarch Pond, 2018

Tapestry. Silk fabric, thread, chain


Tom Malek

Space Intervention 1 - 12, 2018

12 A4 drawings. Charcoal, digital print on etching paper

22cm x 32cm

Tom Malek

Tapestry 2, 2018

Large textile work. Found plastic bags, polyester banner

155cm x 150cm

Tom Malek

Untitled wall drawing, 2018

Wall drawing. Charcoal

dimensions variable

Gillian Kayrooz

Gill Waz Here, 2017

Residency showcase, 2017, Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts, Chengdu, CHINA

Single Channel HD, Colour, Sound, 16:9, 2:00 mins / CHINA Polyester, 1.5m x 10m

Gillian Kayrooz


Video, Single Channel HD, Colour, Sound, 16:9, 8:11 mins.

Harry Klein

Six-20 Brownie C

Found objects, sculpture

9cm x 19cm x 14cm

Harry Klein

Argus Seventy-Five

Found objects, sculpture

9cm x 19cm x 14cm

Georgia Frew, Alex Job


Performance, improvisational music and charcoal drawing

2m x 2m

Matthew Gorgula and Rosie Thomas



Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

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